Audio Visual Systems

We serves the market with state of the art Audio-Visual systems. Our activities range from consultancy, designing, engineering, supply, installation and training of Audiovisual systems for a wide range of applications from small conference rooms to large auditorium rooms which includes:

  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Video projection & Data projection system.
  • Discussion, Simultaneous, Voting and Interpretation systems.
  • Digital AV & Control, Optical Networking.
  • Video Walls, Tickers and Large Screens.
  • Sound reinforcement.
  • Remote control, Touch Screen & E-Control systems.
  • Interactive Communication
  • Home Entertainment & Control.
  • Media Archiving solution.
Digital Workspace and Collaboration suites

Digital interactive collaboration solution combines enterprise applications, rich media content, video conferencing and the web into a digital workspace where teams can create, edit, and share ideas to drive innovation. Our Application Suite is available via a Cloud configuration or as a Customer Hosted configuration on a customer’s network. Regardless of delivery, the interactive workspaces are accessible to in-room and remote participants for complete engagement and alignment.

Control and Command Center Integration
Command Center (sometimes referred to as a centralized control room) is an important concept to understand for facilities that use audio-visual setups in various segmentations, and it is especially important for enterprise facilities that require integrated control for multiple audio-visual setups.

We design, Supply, Installation, organize and manage 24×7 operational environments for different applications & requirement’s such as NOC, SOC, Control Rooms, Crisis Management Rooms,…,etc.

Interactive Digital Signage / Way-Finding and IPTV

We specialize in implementing & deploying Integrated Digital Signage System Solutions with Centralized Content Management Systems. We also create Flash-based Interactive Way-Finding Content with our in-house expertise.

Digital Master Clock System

We integrate a set of synchronized clocks designed to always show exactly the same time by communicating with each other. Clock networks usually consist of a central master clock kept in sync with an official time source, and one or more slave clocks which receive and display the time from the master.

Indoor Outdoor LED Display & Media Wall

Seamless direct-view LED video walls, thin mounting LCD video walls, and rear-projection video walls leave data and video sources unobstructed and bring a world of information into decision making and infotainment sectors. Powerful processing technology allows a single desktop to scale the wall or multiple sources to be displayed and configured. Tiled LCD video walls provide a thin and flexible alternative.

Public Address & Voice Evacuation Solutions

Digital or analogue based solutions with distributed ceiling speakers in a symmetric manner into zoned areas to provide proper distribution of announcements and background music.

AV Technical Furniture

Conference room meeting tables specially custom designed for the organization of emergency & crisis environments which require audiovisual solutions. Seamless expansion possibilities provided. Allows integration of electronic equipment in its interior. Perfect for organization and distribution of the structured wiring and to accommodate audio visual equipment. We also provide custom built lectern and presentation table.

Sound Masking Solution

Sound masking is ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech for greater speech privacy. Sound masking makes a building seem quieter by raising the ambient noise level of an environment and making speech noise less intelligible and therefore less distracting. Used widely in Office spaces, hospitals, privacy zones, etc.

Office & Home Automation systems
Wireless/Wired/Built-in touch panels can facilitate control of all AV equipment as well as environment (lighting, HVAC, curtain control, etc) for both commercial and residential facilities.
Simple to use graphical interface customized for each individual client requirements can be provided to make the operation/control of equipment as simple as possible.
Home Theater systems
The ultimate luxury of private cinema brings all of the spectacle, impact, and emotion of the theatrical experience into the comfort of your own home. High-end home theaters allow you to enjoy first-run movies from the safety and comfort of your home.

High-definition projectors are brighter, sharper, smaller, and quieter than ever before. Super-premium speakers engineered to be built into residential environments, and powerful amplifiers, reproduce movie soundtracks with not just volume, but precision. And you get your choice of where to sit.

Security Surveillance & Access Control solutions
We integrate any combination of IP based and analogue video, audio, or photographic recording devices installed for purposes of surveillance or recording of activity occurring at both residential and commercial facilities.
Acoustic Interior Solutions and Engineering
Acoustic solutions for interior spaces, with special emphasis on aesthetics, ergonomics, wellbeing and sustainability. We build interiors for any space that requires exquisite interior design, and incredible acoustic performance including private home cinemas, Control rooms, Auditoriums, Conference rooms, office spaces, retail showrooms, etc.
Events- Rental & Staging
Avance International has been delivering Audio, visual and communication solutions for a vast array of staging events and audiences, marking occasions of national and regional significance. Our in-depth understanding of event conceptualization, design and production is supreme and highly appreciated within the corporate, live shows, wedding, exhibition and product launch segments of this industry.